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What is beauty?

Is it the flawless finish at the end of a Paris Couture Event?
The captivating colors of a precious flower in nature?
The stunning muse that gives their artist infinite inspiration?
or everything in between?

At Aspen Prime, beauty is YOU.

Come through the doors of an Aspen Prime MedSpa, leave your worries & insecurities on the welcome mat.

From that moment on you can be sure your self-care is in great hands.

From the first face you see to the last, our team at Aspen Prime strives to give you the most luxurious experience in both wellness and beauty.

Our highly skilled aestheticians and nurse practitioners have mastered the safest, most innovative practices to enhance YOUR unique beauty.

Consistently improving our medspa through investing in the most up-to-date technologies, strategic procedures and innovative, cruelty-free skincare that will transform your skin with every visit.

We get that you have one life, one skin and our mission is to help you live your best life while in your best skin.

Our commitment to you and your journey is what makes our clinic stand out from the rest.

Put your best face forward into the world each day with a little help from Aspen Prime Medical Spa.

If you’re ready to push the boundaries of beauty, we invite you to take part in a free one-to-one consultation with one of our aestheticians.

Visit Aspen Prime Medical Spa and let the world see what self-care really looks like.

Meet the Team

Hailie McMenemy

Rebecca Bullon

Erick Contreras

Briana Bollotino

Nathalie Velastegui

Danielle VanDaley

Rebecca Bullon

Erick Contreras

Sandra Gail Frayna Gazali

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Hailie McMenemy

For me, the essence of being an Aesthetician is helping my clients reach their goals. I have a love for skincare. Helping clients feel more comfortable in their own skin and creating treatment plans both at home and in-office. I always have the desire to achieve my clients needs and concerns.

Outside of the treatment room, I enjoy camping and hiking upstate NY. Spending time with my two Samoyed pups, friends, and family.

Consistency is key! When it comes to your skincare regimen in-office or at home, be consistent and set realistic expectations. Keeping your skin taken care of and protected is key. It only takes 21 days to create a habit, so set a goal for yourself, and it should become second nature to you.

Whether it is helping boost someone’s confidence or helping them reach their goals, it is all rewarding!
What I love most about working at Aspen Prime Medspa is the warm and welcoming environment. I love how all providers are constantly educated and up to date with all the latest techniques and services.
I chose to become an Aesthetician because I had my own personal journey with severe acne. Becoming an Aesthetician allowed me to learn how to heal my own skin and this allows me to be able to empathize with others.
My patients have expressed that they like my continuous desire for education and constantly expanding my knowledge and skills.

Rebecca Bullon

The essence of what I do is enhancing people’s beauty through aesthetic procedures as a nurse injector, making them feel better about themselves and boosting their confidence.

My personal interests include traveling, making memories with family and friends, and spending quality time with your 13-year-old dog.

My favorite quote is “the grass is always greener where you water it,” emphasizing the importance of nurturing and investing in what you have to achieve fulfillment.

What I love most about working at Aspen Prime Medspa is the support and the kind, helpful atmosphere among my colleagues.

The most rewarding aspect of working with my clients is witnessing their reactions after a procedure, knowing that you’ve helped them look and feel beautiful.

I chose to become a nurse injector because I’ve always loved working with and helping people, and your long-time experience as a patient in the aesthetics industry led you to realize that aesthetics was your true passion.

Patients appreciate the clean, aesthetically pleasing environment of the organization, as well as the team of providers who are dedicated and passionate about what they do, including myself as a nurse injector.

Erick Contreras

The essence of been For me, the essence of being an Aesthetician is to help people to be happy with themselves about their skin. I believe that skin can improve if you follow the skin care regimen and commit with us to take care of yourself and your skin.

I love my family, my dog and my husband we love to go for long walks, working out and food. Probably restaurant, and movie theater are my favorite plans. 

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it , change the way you think about it.”

Skin can improve.

Staff is really nice and we have the best top machine on the beauty industry.

I like when they start seeing the changes in their skin and their confidence is better.  

Because i used to have acne and i believe that you can always look better, everything is about being consistent and have discipline about taking care of yourself.

My Clients always say that They love my touch and they feel calm end relax.


Briana Bollotino | Aspen Prime MedSpa in Hoboken, NJ

Briana Bollotino

Passionate about helping my clients achieve healthy, glowing skin.

When not working, I enjoy hiking and spending time with my dog.

I believe that skincare is not just about achieving external beauty but also about promoting overall health and wellness.

It can be a favorite quote or words of wisdom, etc.–something that identifies you. “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

Aspen Prime promotes a positive work culture that fosters teamwork, collaboration, and empowerment.

I love making a positive impact on others and building relationships

I have always been passionate about skincare, and I love that I get to help others feel confident and beautiful.

I encourage clients to ask questions, experiment with different products and treatments, and feel confident in their own skin.

We offer providers who show empathy and compassion, who listen to their concerns, and who treat them with kindness and respect.

Nathalie Velastegui

As a Sales Manager I love to educate and build relationships with my team and patients to share my knowledge on all things beauty and health.

I have a passion for reading, traveling and trying new food.

“Success is not just about setting goals, but about relentlessly pursuing them until they become achievements.”

Team work above all, but also all the knowledge that our team has to offer our patients.

Working with clients gives me ability to see them transform into their happier/healthier self.

I’ve always had a passion for both healthcare and beauty. Being a MedSpa practice manager offers the opportunity to combine my skills in managing operations with my desire to contribute to the wellness and beauty industry. My goal has always been to educate staff and patients and help everyone reach their wellness goals

Patients love the wide range of services offered and that everyone at Aspen Prime always has a smile on their face.

Danielle VanDaley

The essence of what I do combines both artistic and medical skills.  My primary goal is to enhance the appearance and address specific concerns of my patients, such as reducing wrinkles, restoring volume, and improving overall facial aesthetics. My expertise in administering aesthetic treatments allows me to help patients improve their appearance, which can lead to increased self-esteem and confidence.

I have a deep love for Pilates, as it is a way to connect with my body and enhance my overall well-being. Daily mediation helps me stay centered amidst life’s demands. I also have a fascination with crystals and their energy properties. Exploring their meanings and using them as tools for mindfulness and intention-setting is something I find both calming and spiritually enriching. My family holds a special place in my heart. Spending quality time with my loved ones, whether it’s through shared meals, outings, or simply being together, brings me immense joy and a sense of belonging. Their support and presence are invaluable to me. Traveling is a true passion of mine. There’s something truly magical about the beach that instantly puts me at ease.

I believe in embracing the journey as much as the destination. Every step we take, every experience we go through, and every obstacle we overcome, contributes to our personal development and richness of our life. Embracing the journey means valuing the time spent honing your skills, from learning new injection techniques to mastering the artistry of creating natural-looking results.

With such a relaxed and positive atmosphere, coming to work has been a much more enjoyable experience. When I get to witness the immediate impact of my work it is incredibly satisfying and motivating. 

I genuinely care about the well-being of my patients. I approach each interaction with empathy and compassion, aiming to create a comfortable and supportive environment. I want my patients to feel valued, heard, and at ease throughout their aesthetic journey.  

I chose to be an aesthetic nurse as I love to see the beauty in the everything and everyone. As an aesthetic nurse, I have the opportunity to help individuals improve their self-esteem and confidence by providing treatments that enhance their appearance.

It seems that my patients particularly enjoy my humor, appreciate the confidence I bring to procedures, and find comfort in the supportive environment I strive to create. I love being my biggest fan and my patient cheerleader. 

The supportive and friendly nature of our team contributes significantly to the overall sense of well-being that patients feel during their interactions with us.  It seems that what my patients appreciate most about our organization is the thoughtfully crafted atmosphere and the exceptional qualities of our staff, both of which combine to create an environment where patients truly feel valued and cared for.

Sandra Gail Frayna Gazali

Sandra Gail Frayna, a native of the Philippines, is a dedicated physical therapist and successful entrepreneur. With a passion for improving lives, she has established three thriving physical therapy clinics and a prestigious medical spa, where her commitment to patient care shines through.

Gail’s benevolent spirit is evident in her long-standing dedication to volunteering, particularly in providing care to those in need. Her love for sports traces back to her high school years when she excelled not only as a swimmer but also as a mountain climber. Today, she’s an avid spectator of soccer matches and car races, eagerly supporting her favorite teams and racers.

Gail’s affinity for wine has led her to explore the world of viticulture. She travels to learn about the rich history and craftsmanship behind this elegant beverage, adding depth to her cultural experiences.

In the tapestry of life, Gail is happily married to Rodrigo Gazali, and their cherished dog, Henry, brings joy and companionship to their days.

Sandra Gail Frayna is a multi-faceted individual who balances her professional success with a deep appreciation for sports, adventure, culture, and the simple pleasures of life.

Adventure and exploration are woven into Gail’s lifestyle. She finds solace and excitement in skiing, scuba diving, and the serene beauty of beach destinations. Her wanderlust fuels her desire to travel and immerse herself in diverse cultures around the world.

Gail’s benevolent spirit is evident in her long-standing dedication to volunteering, particularly in providing care to those in need. Her love for sports traces back to her high school years when she excelled not only as a swimmer but also as a mountain climber. Today, she’s an avid spectator of soccer matches and car races, eagerly supporting her favorite teams and racers.

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